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Thanksgiving Hot Sweatpants vs. Shabby Chic

Photo Credit: Maryam Saidian, Beri Begi Store, Yulia Trubchanina.

No matter where you go for Thanksgiving 2019 and how you choose to spend it, as true fashionista you will certainly be cornered with what to wear.

The idea of sweatpants and cozy sweater is seductive. Yet the excitement of upcoming holidays, together with those chic Instagram images you been stocking is also tempting. The whole frenzy of different options can leave you utterly confused.

This is where we come in with some styling tips and suggestions to put together a perfect Thanksgiving outfit.

With so many choices from jeans and cute top, to those hostesses with the mostest dresses, silk dresses with long duster, chunky sweaters and all others making rounds in your mind – how do you really choose?

Let us give you a hint. IT IS OK TO MIX and MATCH! Below are few looks that we put together just for your Thanksgiving celebration. True Style Affair wants to make sure to get you ready for any scenario from “Friendsgiving” party or meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time to a good old family dinner.

Now all you have to do is browse and buy! We know its last minute, but most of this can be delivered within 24 hours and for others – hey the holidays are coming! There will be many more occasions in the next months to wear those trendy finds. This are timeless pieces you can wear repeatedly that will make you feel like a true style icon.

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