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New Year's Resolutions or First Day of the Year is the Busiest at the Gym

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Hands off that this post is not on the first day of this year however it will be talking about how bad all ladies all over the globe want to be become slimmer, thinner, slender and absolutely fabulous as of Jan 1, XXXX. We've got a few beautiful life stories to talk about to keep the inspiration going from our special guests of the month.

Story #1 takes us straight to the heat of South Florida to Isabel Lowry - NPC NQ 4 times overall winner, NASM certified, cycle and posing trainer - who also shared in the little private conversation - that she is a mother of two and a beautiful wife. Below are the captions of Isabel before and at NPC competition 2018 as well as hardcore training that this strong and absolutely stunning lady goes through daily. For more "know how" diet advise and endless inspiration follow Isabel on Instagram @lowryisa

Photo credit to Isabel Lowry Model is Isabel Lowry @lowryisa

Story #2 is luckily for us was right next door - Northern Virginia stored a beautiful gem for our great inspiration. Elvira Belyanova @belyanova_rg - Rhythmic Gymnast - Junior Olympic USA National Champion, 7 times regional champion, International Tournament Winner - Chicago Cup 2017, 2018 as well as Spring Fling 2017. Elvira is trained and supervised by her mother Yulia Khalkova @yuliahalkova. At the end of the last year, Elvira finally released her dietary secrets at @belyanova_rg.

Photo credit @amirgumerov for @teamsportgala Model Elvira Belyanova @belyanova_rg

Both of our special guests admit that it is essential to look your best at the workout. The most recent studies show that statistically one of the key points after discipline in diet and exercise comes the look. The workout fashion is vast and for the sake of the busiest month at the gym we HAVE to cover the latest trends.

Look #1 is absolute must have for your teal pink Monday workout.

Look #2 is the sexiest in it's shape and form. Tuesday look to be!!

Your Wednesday must have is definitely look #3

Look #4 is our true favorite and yours definite cloud 9 Thursday outfit!

To wrap up the workout week and start a great weekend with outfit #5 is the key!

Saturday outfit #6 is strong and daring to push it harder till the end of the week.

Yoga Sunday for a grand finale of a epic workout week.

With those outfits we have no doubt that you are up for a great and fabulous start to a better good looking you!

Ta-ta till next post!


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