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Let's Put It On...

With upcoming Valentine's Day, we have no doubt that you have tones of things in mind in terms of what to wear and what to do. But let's not go there just yet. Let's start from the very beginning - the sensuality of what you put on first and foremost before any outfit. The feel of your own true self that speaks of you and only you - perfume and lingerie.

The science behind the smells is so unique - it is like a portal to the past, perfume - the cloud we spritz and walk toward, expectant - offers escape and identity. An invisible shroud that lingers like a calling card: SHE WAS JUST HERE... .

Smell implicate us, conjure memories, and Valentine's Day is one of those days that is memorable and passionate, full of love and unexpected exciting en-devours.

Truly, we are daring enough to suggest you a sweet pair of two - perfume and lingerie - to start your Valentine's Day preparation right.

You can't read this blog without best French fashion week background music by Stephan Pompugnac - click on the link below ... and yes, let's put it on!!!

A Song for the Rose

For Alessandro Michele's latest Gucci collection, The Alchemist's Garden - A Song for the Rose is the symphony where scents play games with your imagination by bringing sweet rose essence and good memories evoking both - material and made-up - paired with your own spring rose garden from Anthropologie.

Si to Passione

Dreary late winter is the perfect time to be transported into a new flow of Passion with Si by Armani - blackcurrant, rose de mai, and musk are paired with rich colors and fruity flavors.

Love Relentlessly or Fou de Toi

Tory Burch's, Fou de Toi inspired by memory of powerful love of Tory's parents, brings a different kind of heat. Notes of black currant blends with feminine peony accord, rounded out with a glowing balsam accord. A floral oriental scent that leaves you wanting more.

French ... and only French

Papier Carbone from Ormaie, a new natural brand, captures the aroma of carbon paper once used in French classrooms.

Layered Narratives

This is exactly how founder of Imaginary Authors - Josh Meyer described the new fragrance - Saint Julep. It is like painting a picture of that magical picture where the smiles were always free and salvation had the distinct sweet mint smell.


Miu Miu Twist is the irresistible new fragrance created by perfumer Daniela Andrier in close collaboration with designer Miuccia Prada. Always playful, sometimes provocative, Miu Miu Twist expresses the true essence of Miu Miu.

Cheers to a fabulous beginning of a beautiful love story!

Ta-ta till next week!

Yours for Always,

True Style Affair

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