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Fall 2018 General Trends


Photo Credit: Maryam Saidian. Models: Sadaf Mohammadi, Anna Grigoryan, Tatiana Contreras

Fall 2018 runway has surprised us with bright, bold and beautiful. Everything from colors and patterns to styles and cuts is just overwhelmingly remarkable. A true fashionista can no longer be overlooked on the street – she is wearing it all! From oversized sweaters to animal print coats and daring colored skirts.

Fashion trends for Fall 2018 are brave, they allow one to be creative without thinking twice about matching. The fashion world has been turned upside down – tweed is the new do. It is no longer a conservative look attire, now you can wear a mini skirt in yellow tweed and be the talk of the town. Fashion trends of 2018 do not stop there. The animal prints are no longer limited to leopard and snake skin or natural colors. Shiny leather jackets dominated the runway in all the colors of the rainbow and 80s came back in a stride with oversized matching suits and chunky block heels.

Not wishing to be left behind Fall 2018 accessory trends upped their game to become larger and brighter. Bags were so large that some of the models faded behind and hoop earrings and chain necklaces that could be seen from the moon. Sunglasses did not fall far behind with colorful glass and huge frames in all shapes and sizes with only one common denominator – oversized! Rocking along were bulky calf bracelets with colorful stones and huge cocktail rings.

In the end of the day, whatever you do, do not be boring! Take out that hot pink scarf and white booties and make a go out of it with your huge python bag! Have fun and do not let rain get you down – that’s what the bright colors are there for.

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