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Dear Ladies,

True Style Affair is delighted to bring to your attention our February Designer of the Month - Bloommyy.

We were happy to interview all co-founders of Bloommyy and get you the most insight to the lavish items of the latest and greatest collection as well as learn about the company history overall. Moreover, just for you dear followers, our true fashionistas Bloommyy in collaboration with True Style Affair provided a discount code for all the items you will see and read about in a moment. Just click on the images below and use the code TSA20 to get 20%OFF any purchase.

True Style Affair: When did you start?

Lana (Co-Founder Bloommyy): The idea of Bloommyy was born in 2017, when my sister and I stumbled upon a necklace design that truly inspired us. With careers in science and computer technologies, and a passion for arts and design, we were craving for more handmade creativity in our lives.


True Style Affair: How did you learn your craft?


Marina (Co-Founder Bloommyy): We loved our leather

necklace “discovery” so much we looked for the

artisan who made it. Eventually the three of us

became good friends and the artisan generously

taught us the nitty-gritty of her craft. The three of us

became business partners, designing and producing

unique handmade leather accessories: purses,

necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, broches, and belts.


                                                                                                                                                                                     Susanna, Bloommyy's Creative Partner, at work creating bloommyys

True Style Affair: What is the main inspiration for your pieces?


Lana (Co-Founder Bloommyy):  The nature is our biggest muse inspiring Bloommyy’s unique creations of wearable art. The inspiration is born as we hold and touch the material – the texture of leather, its thickness and softness shape the idea of the design. The wide variety of leather finishes awaken a range of emotions, from delicate and sensitive to strong and mature. Every composition is exclusive, and most importantly, each one who wears our pieces feels special and empowered.





























True Style Affair: Do you remember your first customer and what they bought?


Marina (Co-Founder Bloommyy): We rolled out Bloommyy in October of 2018, during an event organized by one and only Victoria Gabrielyan. During the event, we had an opportunity to meet and share our product with many incredible ladies. A number of them, including Victoria, became our original customers and pomegranate necklace was the first item to sell.


True Style Affair: Tell us more about pomegranate necklace - the best seller from your most recent collection?


Lana (Co-Founder Bloommyy): The best seller in our recent collection is a pomegranate necklace – a gorgeous, rich, seductive and eye-catching piece of wearable art. Bloommyy’s contemporary interpretation of pomegranate reflects hundreds of intricate details depicting the seeds, the curvature of fibers, and the stem of the pomegranate. Made exclusively from leather and very light, the pomegranate features a palette of reds sprinkled with occasional light and dark curves. Bloommyy suggests complementing the necklace with pomegranate rings and earrings, as well as a bracelet and a brooch for a comprehensive pomegranate therapy!




True Style Affair: What are the top selling items across all the items?


Marina (Co-Founder Bloommyy):  The flower collection is another popular line of Bloommyy designs reflecting the beauty and richness of flora. Exquisite layers of complementing texture and color converge to a spiraling core creating a unique flower shaped composition. The necklaces, rings, earring, bracelets, and brooches of the flower collection come in a variety of colors to complement any outfit and serve as a statement piece.

Popular are also the Bloommyy purses; one of our customers called them “addictive”. Once in your hands you feel so chic, you’d never want to put it down. Our purses are hand-painted and are perfect for formal or casual outings­ -be it to a theater, a party with friends, a concert, or a club. They provides enough space to comfortably carry a phone and a handful of necessities. Purses feature unique details including an adjustable strap, a handy pocket on the back, and a secret inside pocket.

All the items are so exquisite and lavish, unique and extraordinary, all that makes us scream for you to have them for Valentine's Day.

Bloommyy is the bloom for every lady's heart!

Ta-ta till next month,

YOUR True Style Affair

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